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Protection of individual information

Please read of the following protection of individual information.
It comes as much as possible to protect individual information according to the policy below TAKENAKA Corporate Group official site (hereafter, this site).

★Article 1 I will observe the relating law and other standards for the handling of individual information.
★Article 2 When individual information is acquired, it does by an appropriate, fair means, and when the acquiring it, the purpose of use is notified and it makes it public for the customer himself.
★Article 3 The purpose of use will be specified as much as possible beforehand for the use of individual information, and I handle it only within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
★Article 4 The information security measures are started to secure the accuracy of individual information and safety, the measure for safety is executed, and it tries to prevent the loss of unlawful computer access or individual information to individual information, destruction, the falsification, and the leakage, etc.
★Article 5 Protection of individual information is not managed only by easy mail dealings. Customer's individual information might be approved through the telephone and it confirm it responding to the necessity.
★Article 6 Individual information will be offered and I not offer it to the third party, except when there is a right reason. It concludes with a necessary contract consigning ahead, and moreover, when the processing of individual information is consigned outside, it manages proper and it supervises.
★Article 7 Our company will respond appropriately according to the law of individual information when indication, the correction, and the deletion to own individual information are requested by the customer himself.