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Personal Information management

UR Linkage Co,. Ltd. (here after “UR”) manages the tenant’s personal information as follows:

I The purpose of abstaining tenant’s personal information
   1. The tenant’s personal information that UR obtains is used within UR to perform its business to provide the housing unit and “life support” service for our tenants. And the information will not be used for any other purpose.

2. The tenant’s personal information is used within the purpose of performing UR’s business only and it will not disclosed without the tenant’s consent except under the following special circumstances:  

(1) When it is required by law
(2) When the tenant’s life or the tenant’s assets are at risk and to protect these for the safe of the tenants at the absence of the tenant or the circumstance of not being able to obtain the tenant’s consent.
(3) When it is to improve public health or to promote public safety of children, at the absence of the tenant and it is not possible to obtain the tenant’s consent.
(4) When the governmental institution or local government or a consigned agency authorized by the government requests to release the information without the tenant’s consent and such compliance is required by law without the tenant’s prior consent

II Providing the personal information to third party
UR doesn’t disclose tenant personal information to any other third party without the consent of the tenant. Nevertheless, in order for UR to perform its business as provide the housing unit and “life support” service for our tenants, UR provide the information to third party as absolutely necessity within this context.

III Consigning the management of the personal information
When UR decided to consign the management of the tenant’s personal information partially or entirely to a third party, UR strictly selects a company to consign data management that meets the highest data protection standards and UR continues to provide appropriate supervision to the company to make sure all efforts are made for the protection of the information.

Ⅳ Procedure to disclose the personal information
When the tenant, himself or herself request to UR to “disclose” the personal information, UR will response to the request and release the information with no delay as permitted law. (The request should include explanation of how the information is to be used, handled and released, change of the information, addition of the information, removal of the information, discontinuing the use of the information)
However, when the tenant’s request is not covered by the above reason or applicable laws, UR may reject the request. UR then will explain the reason to the tenant with no delay.

V Call center for the personal information
Please contact the following number for personal information disclosure requests and related consultation:
* UR Linkage Co., Ltd. General Affairs, Planning Headquarter
  Tel: 03-6214-5700 (Business hours 9:15~12:00、13:00~17:40 / closed on Sat. /Sun.
/ National holidays, year–end and New Year holidays)
Mailing address: Nihonnbashi Nishikawa Building 5F
1-5-3 Nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo

Personal Information Protection Management
General Affair & Planning General Manager