You can make an reservation for a shuttle bus connecting via Jo-mo Kogen Station and Kamimoku Station to Norn MInakami Ski Resort.
The stop location is Jo-mo Kogen station, Kamimoku station, Norn MInakami ski Resort only.
You can not get on and off in other places.
※Reservations are required by 15 o'clock of the day before to the use day.
※ In case of cancellation, please be sure to contact us at 0278-72-6688.
※ Return Bus reservation for the same day will be accepted by phone at ski resort information.

Please select the reservation date.
※ If the date and time of pick-up and sending are different, please make separate reservations.
*迎え便シャトルバス(To go:A pick-up shuttle bus)
The pick-up service will be a full day service during the business period (2017/12 / 20-2018 / 3/31).
*送り便シャトルバス(Return:A sending shuttle bus)
※1_4便はナイター営業期間中(2017/12/26-2018/3/21)のみ運行となります。4th Departure will Only during the night service period
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